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If thunder follows a lightning flash by thirty seconds or less, people in the open are at risk of being struck by lightning. (This is based on the fact that in 30 seconds, the sound travels about 10km, so, in these circumstances; the lightning is less than 10km away). (A) Play shall cease immediately, in the event that a lightning flash is followed by thunder less than 40 seconds later. Play shall not resume until 30 minutes after the l...ast lightning flash. (B) Immediately following the suspension of play, persons may enter the field of play in order to lay pitch covers. However, no person may remain on, or enter, the field of play in the event a lightning flash is followed by thunder less than 30 seconds later (where the thunder is within 30 seconds), or for 30 minutes thereafter. (C) ALL players, officials and other participants shall remain off the field of play for the duration of the period that play is suspended under this Playing Condition. If there are no covers available, the extra allowance of time is not required Rationale: To avoid the odd circumstance of people leaving the field, then running back out to cover the pitch!!

For guidance only as from ACU.

From umpire secretary Paul Massey

This is covered under the general requirements that the match is played with strict regard to the health and safety of the players. If there is lighting around, then the teams should leave the field. There is also the issue that the players are not covered by the normal club insurance should there be a lighting strike and the teams or umpires were aware of the possibility of lighting - which they usually are.

Following on from the latest committee meeting, the make of the divisions for 2017 have been confirmed.

There are a few changes from the previously released divisions so please check the following link to the play-cricket site for confirmation of where your teams will play in the summer.


To whom it may concern,
Flashing Zing Bails
It has been brought to our attention that on the packaging of the Backyard Zing bails, the warranty clearly state that it is for use with a soft ball or a tennis ball only.
We have contacted Zing and they have pointed out that the product is a less sophisticated version than the Zing bails used in the professional game, that is it ‘designed down’ to make the product
more affordable....
We are therefore banning the bails from hardball league competitions due to the potential safety of players. A version of the Zing bails are currently being developed which will be advertised for use with a hard ball. Cost and sate of release are still unknown, however they won’t be available for this summer.
If you have any additional questions please get in touch,


Josh Scully
Cricket Development Officer Participation & Growth

Just another reminder

Divisions A to C

Result - Win/loss
Enter bonus points for the losing team only

Result - Draw
Enter bonus points for both teams

Win and draw points are automatically assigned.

Bowling bonus points are awarded at the fall of wickets 3 - 5 - 7 - 9

When a team is bowled out the Batting bonus points are worked out on the amount of overs that the batting side were due to face.

Divisions D to N

Enter bonus points for both teams

Win points are automatically assigned

Bowling bonus points are awarded at the fall of wickets 4 - 6 - 8 - 10

When a team is bowled out the Batting bonus points are worked out on the amount of overs that the batting side were due to face.

Teams have also been confirming results without checking that the correct bonus points have been awarded.

Do not simply tick the box and presume that the opposition have inserted the correct information!

An evening has been arranged at Trent Bridge for you to get your DBS signed off before the start of the season.
Date: Tuesday 15th March – please be aware this might be your last date to get your DBS signed off before the start of season
Time: from 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue: New Board Room, 2nd Floor, New Building (please see map attached)
Please click here to book yourself in on our new booking system – it is free
You will need to contact The GB Group to obtain a DBS form before the evening – they can be reached on 0115 969 4606
You will need to bring 3 pieces of evidence with you on the evening the best ones are
·     Driving licence
·     Marriage or Birth certificate
·     Passport
·     Credit Card / Bank/Building Society Statement – within the last 3 months
·       Utility Bill (UK), electricity, gas, water, telephone. (mobile phone bill not acceptable) – within the last 3 months
Less than 12 months old
·         Mortgage Statement (UK or EEA)– within the last 12 months
·         Council Tax Statement (UK and Channel Islands)– within the last 12 months
Please note documents printed from the internet are not acceptable
Many Thanks
 Chloe Gibson
Community & Development Support Officer
Telephone 0115 982 3008
Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
Trent Bridge
Nottingham NG2 6AG


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