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Congratulations to John Nester of Calverton CC for winning the Notts Groundsman of the Year award for 2019.

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Still Rolling: The Six Sixes Revisited

grahamelloydtalkWhen Garry Sobers hit Malcolm Nash for an historic 36 runs off six deliveries at Swansea in 1968, cricket’s Everest was finally conquered. It had never been done before in more than 150 years of the game.

In 2006, the ball supposedly used in the over fetched a record £26,400 at Christie’s - but was it the right one?
When it was put up for sale again in 2012, the plot thickened... 

To celebrate the recent 50th anniversary of Sobers’ achievement, Grahame Lloyd, authorof Howzat? The Six Sixes Ball Mystery, recalls both the famous feat and the bizarre fate of the sold ball as the auction house now re-investigates its controversial sale.

Featuring DVD, poetry and song, this hour-long talk examines an iconic moment, a disturbing tale of fake news and a whodunnit? – but with a ball instead of a body.

"What a great night: a packed clubhouse was thoroughly enthralled by the story of the Six Sixes and the ball. Delivered in an excellent mix of narration, poetry and song.  Brilliant, totally enjoyed by all."  Kimberley Institute CC

“Grahame Lloyd’s one-man show is a tour de force; part Antiques Roadshow, part Crown Court and with a little bit of Britain’s Got Talent thrown in, it all adds up to a wholly entertaining experience.” Norfolk Cricket Society

“Like a dazzling over by Shane Warne in his pomp, it had it all. For his version of a leg break, googly, top spinner, flipper, slider and zooter, Grahame delivered facts, history,
poetry, intrigue, jokes and even live music! The audience were left bowled over by a fabulous evening. Thoroughly recommended.” Rye Arts Festival

Grahame Lloyd: 01522-542555, 07980-541899 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If thunder follows a lightning flash by thirty seconds or less, people in the open are at risk of being struck by lightning. (This is based on the fact that in 30 seconds, the sound travels about 10km, so, in these circumstances; the lightning is less than 10km away). (A) Play shall cease immediately, in the event that a lightning flash is followed by thunder less than 40 seconds later. Play shall not resume until 30 minutes after the l...ast lightning flash. (B) Immediately following the suspension of play, persons may enter the field of play in order to lay pitch covers. However, no person may remain on, or enter, the field of play in the event a lightning flash is followed by thunder less than 30 seconds later (where the thunder is within 30 seconds), or for 30 minutes thereafter. (C) ALL players, officials and other participants shall remain off the field of play for the duration of the period that play is suspended under this Playing Condition. If there are no covers available, the extra allowance of time is not required Rationale: To avoid the odd circumstance of people leaving the field, then running back out to cover the pitch!!

For guidance only as from ACU.

From umpire secretary Paul Massey

This is covered under the general requirements that the match is played with strict regard to the health and safety of the players. If there is lighting around, then the teams should leave the field. There is also the issue that the players are not covered by the normal club insurance should there be a lighting strike and the teams or umpires were aware of the possibility of lighting - which they usually are.


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