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Umpires and Scorers Courses at Trent Bridge in 2016
The Umpires course commences on Monday 11 January 2016 from 7.30 to 9.30 pm in the Radcliffe Road stand (usually the first floor suites) at Trent Bridge and lasts 10 weeks and the Scorers course is a six week one from Sunday 10 January 10.00 am to 12.00 noon with an option for a seventh week to cover computer scoring. 
Students are free to take exams at the end of the courses to become certificated and progress further if they wish, becoming members of the GMSNCL Panel or officiate for their clubs in Divisions D and below with confidence and knowledge.
Both courses are usually £30 but are now in effect FREE as they are FULLY SUBSIDISED by the League on completion. 
The venue and course content are amongst the best in the country and Nottinghamshire are the envy of almost every other county for delivery of their training packages and quality of tutors. They are excellent courses. 
As with every other league, county and region across the country, we are suffering a serious shortage of officials and the future wellbeing of the GMSNCL league is at stake if we don’t arrest the decline. All clubs have a duty to assist and to help us to help them….
If anyone requires further information or to register their interest please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  07733 987445 or 01636 892148
Kind regards
Martin  Briggs


South Nottinghamshire Cricket League Registration of Players (rule 10a players to be registered by 1st April)


How do I Register a Player in the SNCL?


Play-Cricket Website instructions


1 Log in to the Club’s Play-Cricket website.

2 You will need to have Administrator rights to access the Club, Players & Registration area.

3 Once you have Signed in (Top right), click ‘Administration’ arrow beside your name (Top right)

4 New screen appears, in the left column click ‘Members’ then click ‘Member Database’.

5 Click ‘Add New Member’.

6 Complete First Name, Surname, and Date of Birth (Mandatory), also email address if known.

7 Click ‘Save’.

8 On the next screen, complete Address, Postcode, Country (Mandatory) plus details if known – click ‘Save’.

 NOTE: The page refreshes but DOESN’T change. Scroll back to the top so the ADD ROLES box is visible.

9 Click ‘Add Roles’ at top of page then click ‘League Registered Players’ tab.

10 Complete all areas possible, but red * are Mandatory in order to progress.

11 Complete Player Category – Either 1 (Ordinary player), 2 (Professional), 3 (Overseas) or(Overseas Exempt).

12 Select Country of Birth.

13 Click ‘Save’.

14 When the screen refreshes, you are now ready to register a player with the League.

15 In the right column beside ‘SNCL Registered Player’, click ‘Apply ‘.


You then have to make ONE of two choices EITHER 16 & 17 OR 18 to 22 (as below)


16 If player IS NOT registered with another SNCL club tick the boxes and select

 ‘Standard ’.

17 Then click ‘Save’ to complete the Standard nomination. Go to 23 below.


18 If player IS registered with another SNCL club select ‘Player Transfer’.

19 In the box to the left of the word Search, type in the name of the Club which the player is Transferring

From. Then click ‘Search ‘.

20 The Club’s name will appear in the bottom box, click on ‘Pick’.

21 Then click ‘Save’.

22 The page returns to Roles page with SNCL Registered Player Status now ‘Pending,

23 In both case above, (16 & 18) the Registrations Secretary (Gary Edginton/Craig James) will now see the

player in the list of Nominations.

For Standard nominations he will then authorise the player and at that point

the player will appear in the Club’s ‘League Registered Players’ list and be eligible to play for the Club in the SNCL.


For Player Transfers the League Secretary will inform the Registration

Secretary of the receipt of a completed transfer form. The seven day process then commences from when the Registration Secretary approves the player transfer nomination on play-cricket. Please Note: DO NOT DELETE THE PLAYER FROM YOUR SITE. Just leave your transferring players in place and the League will do the rest when the paperwork is received. If they have already gone it makes it a far more complex process!



To make it easier for clubs to select players into teams and scorecards all players should be made ‘Squad Players’. They then appear beside the team selection list when adding a result, to easily import. Otherwise you have to search for the player under General Function – Pick Player from Database. It also lessens the chances of opposing teams entering ‘Unsure’ because, although registered, the player is not instantly visible to select.


1 In the ‘Member Database’ click the black hat beside the player’s name.

2 Select the ‘Squad Players’ tab.

3 Click the relevant downward arrows, highlight Activate and click Save.

Go back to ‘Member Database’, click on view player, click Memberships & Roles at the top. Click View Roles.

The player should then be listed as

Member of the Website,

Squad member/s (as appropriate) and

SNCL Registered Player.



Clubs only need to remove a player from their SNCL Registrations.

In the player database click black hat – click League Registered Players tab – on the right click Remove and the

SNCL registration will be removed.

DO NOT remove players from their role as a Member of the Website.

PLAYER TRANSFERS - Do not DELETE the player – It will be dealt with by the League.


Members of the website with a * next to their name are members who have not yet registered at Play Cricket aka ‘Registered Play Cricket website user’.

This is different to being a ‘SNCL registered player’.

Anyone who is a Registered Play Cricket site user will be able to log on and see the details of the Club and the statistics of their club and players.



In the Member Database ‘top right box’ select ‘Member of the website’ as the role, then click Search.

All names on the Club Website will appear, possibly over several pages.

To see all ‘SNCL League Registered players’ only, change the role box to ‘League Registered Players’, then click Search.

All SNCL Registered Players will appear in list over several pages.

To see all ‘Squad players’ only, change the role box to ‘Squad Players’, then click Search.

All Squad Players will appear in list over several pages.

Current ‘Administrators’ can be searched likewise.

In summary to play in the SNCL a player MUST BE a ‘Member of the Club Website’ AND a

SNCL Registered Player’. Preferably he should also be activated as a ‘Squad Member’ for the

teams he is likely to play for. All players can be in all squads if preferred of course.




For security purposes, this can only be actioned by either the player themselves if they are a registered Play Cricket website user OR by the Administrator of the SNCL Play Cricket website.



These will appear in the Admin page list of nominations. The Administrator can then click on them and review/approve the applicant. After that the member may see all the site and may be merged with an existing record if they are already showing as a member with a * against their name.



Select the name without the * next to it, select the red, white and blue icon.

Find the other member record in the list and it should have a * against it..

Now select Match and the records will be merged together, the website should reflect this in approximately 1 hour.



Gary Edginton is the press secretary and result secretary for 2014. The MRF  & handbook were printed with his phone number to call, Gary no longer has that phone.

He prefers you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the facebook site below. This was briefed at the captains meeting In March.

Suplimentary registrations.

When Gary Edginton took over as registrar for the league the web site based form to add players to your registration list was dropped.

I understand this is still referenced in the hand book, that is an oversight.

Gary Edginton prefers email submission with (it may be worth cc the league rep if you make this registration on a Friday night / Saturday morning),

  • Players name
  • Full postal address
  • age if Junior
  • and of course your club


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