Dear League Representative,


The concept being is to provide a game to suit young players that is enjoyable, regulations that will ensure full participation, a quicker game, flexibility over timing of fixtures and a number of overs that would bridge the gap between age group and main Saturday league cricket.


The idea being, this would inspire young people to play the game competitively and in the Spirit of Cricket,

primarily engaging 13-18 year olds with a designated number of older players. It would integrate young players into open age cricket within a supportive learning environment. This would hopefully allow the younger players to express their ability in a format longer than  in Youth Cricket matches of 18/20 overs. This will hopefully lead to an increase in player retention within clubs, thus adding to their long sustainability.


Parents to be encouraged to officiate as Umpires’ and Scorers’ which could alleviate transport issues. All Safe Hands policies would need to be fully complied regarding children and adults. DBS would apply to Captains’. Children are our future and we need to help them develop in a fun and safe way.


The format below follows our meetings with some clubs and our own player survey carried out in 2016.




10-12 matches per season. This will depend on the number of teams wishing to enter. I would see this varying from season to season. Saturday, 12th May 2018 to Saturday, 28th July 2018 would allow for 12 matches.


Hours of Play.


Matches to start at 1. 00pm. This start  time would allow players to go back to their clubs to watch other matches. The start time can be flexible – agreement between Captains’.


Teas.  optional but there should be an interval of 15 minutes between innings.


Match Ball.


The home side shall provide a new ball or a used ball of League approved standard.


Duration of Play.


The normal duration of play shall be 32 six ball overs per side. No bowler shall bowl more than 6 overs during any one innings. However in the event of fewer overs being agreed prior to the toss, a player shall bowl no more than 25% of the agreed overs.


Registration of Players.


All players must be registered with the League Registrar via their club’s play cricket website. Clubs to be allowed to register players on the match day and to borrow from the opposition if it means the match can take place.

Teams to consist of 4 senior players with 7 under 18 players. Any variability to be agreed between the Captains’ before the match is played.


League Tables, Points, Positionings.


A League table will be drawn up on the basis of points gained from each match.


Win 12 points. Loss 0 points. Tie 6 points.


6 points will be awarded to each team in a match cancelled due to ground, weather, light or other unforeseen circumstances, or in a match abandoned where the scheduled number of overs is not completed for the same reasons. In addition the following bonus points will be awarded to both teams in a completed match or in an abandoned match.




Scoring 50 runs 1 point, 100 runs 2 points, 150 runs 3 points, 200 runs 4 points.


Bowling. 2 wickets taken 1 point, 4 wickets taken 2 points, 6 wickets taken, 3 points,  8/10 wickets taken  4 points.


Promotion and Relegation.


There will be no promotion. Clubs to decide at the end of the season whether they feel their team is strong enough to progress and compete in the bottom division of the league. Clubs that feel one of their teams is not strong enough to compete in a particular division due to the lack/loss of players, may see this as a way forward to regroup rather than resign from the league.


Match Reporting.


The home team will be responsible for notifying the result of the match to the Press Officer on the day of the match to include match details.


MCC LAWS, YOUNG PLAYERS and ECB DIRECTIVES and all Safeguarding/DBS issues will apply.




I feel we need to keep everything as simple as possible for the first season. There needs to be flexibility and dialogue between the teams before and on match days. Rules need to be  minimal with no fines being administered, especially on registration and playing conditions. This Division is all about getting more youngsters playing and feeling as though their performances are  contributing to their team.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of the above or have any further views,  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (club committee representatives only)


Please discuss this at your next Committee Meeting and if your club would like to enter a team next season, please confirm by email  giving club details including ground by  SATURDAY, 30th SEPTEMBER 2017.


Once we have a committed number of teams, a meeting in October will be arranged so that we can finalise all rules and playing conditions.


With kind regards,


David J Richards.

Hon. Secretary.



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