During the close season players are free to move between clubs.

If your club gains a player that you know played for and is registered with another SNCL club could you please register this player using the transfer process on play-cricket.

In any case if a player moves between clubs then the original club's play-cricket admins will receive an email stating that the player has now been transferred to another club. Should you disagree with the transfer for disciplinary or monetary reasons then please reply to the email stating these reasons.

If you believe that the player is not going to leave your club and the new club have registered the player prematurely, then reply to the email stating this reason with confirmation that the player is staying with you. Copy the player into the reply as well.

In these instances the player will be transferred back to the original club.

Should the new club now have a query then the two clubs will need to come to an agreement with the player before redoing any transfers again.

Please remember that all transfers and registrations are done in good faith and the league registrars act on this accordingly.

Do not register/transfer a player unless you are 100% sure that they will play for you otherwise it causes conflict!

Thank you


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